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Dear Tom, Time for Jam City!


Wild Plum.


Black Plum.







Oscar and I went out to pick blackberries yesterday – found a great patch, one of the best in years – but occupants of a homeless encampment had picked pretty much all of them. Yes, they can use the fruit, but I would have loved making the jam!

Garden News:

I’ve harvested my first crop of onions. They are curing in the garage – I’ve actually been using them for months and I planted another couple rows. The garlic is curing along with the onions. We dug up fifteen pounds of potatoes yesterday – although I’ve sort of been digging all along as they’ve been ready for harvest. I still have another bed that won’t be ready until fall.

The asparagus didn’t produce this spring but it’s producing now. Yay! Still getting lettuce and arugula and turnip greens. Just picked my first crop of Japanese eggplants and red jalapenos. Oh! I’m now harvesting some of my Kambocha squash! The squash has to sit for 4-6 weeks to develop the sugars. I’ve picked six big suckers so far- each 3-4 pounds. Two squash plants are growing over my fences. They resemble the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. Might just take over the world. (Frankly I can imagine worse alternatives.)



I’ve got four strawberry pots. We don’t have a lot of fruit this year, but enough that every week I can pick a handful. And that’s a handful I didn’t have the week before!

My herbs are growing like they’ve imbibed insanity sauce. Crazy! I keep trying to keep up– of course when you dry herbs they take up less space, but still I have jars and jars of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. 🙂

And a robin update! I think I mentioned that the babies were so big by the time they left the nest they could already fly – at least two of them could. The third was flying by his second day out of the nest. They spent a week in our redwoods but have since branched out, so to speak, spreading throughout Mr. Robin’s territory. This morning I was out in front watering. One of the babies flew past me. He perched on the edge of the roof, not six feet from me. We chatted for quite a long time. Still has his spots, but he’s a handsome devil- inherited his dad’s Mohawk. I’m pretty sure he’s the baby I heard singing this morning. About 5:30 this morning I heard the dad singing his morning melody from across the street. Next thing I knew I heard this adolescent bird (cracked voice) singing a slightly different song- from right outside my window. Similar but definitely unique to him. So cool!

I haven’t seen the mom. I suspect she built another nest somewhere nearby and she’s sitting on another clutch of eggs. I noticed a couple fly catchers eying her nest up under the eves. Perhaps we’ll soon have new residents.

As you can see, I’ve been busy. Can’t believe I ever have time to write. Still have blueberry jam to make today.

XOXO! Julia