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Dear Tom, I think all wars and international conflicts should be decided by a bull ride.

Specifically by riding on the rankest bulls. Air Time. Sweet Pro’s Long John. Who Dey. Percolator. Fire & Smoke. Margy Time. I’m A Gangster Too. Smooth Operator. Roy. Pound The Alarm. David’s Dream. Walk Off. Chocolate Thunder. Mr. Bull. DaNutso. Cooper Tires Brown Sugar–because he’s sooooo adorable!.  (Unfortunately Bushwacker and Asteroid have retired.)

Air Time is the most exciting athlete in the world right now:

I’d like to see men settle all military conflicts in the dirt arena. Stay on the back of that bull for eight seconds, winners take all. (I’m pretty sure Brazil would own the entire world.) But that’s okay because it takes more courage to be a bull rider than to participate in any other sport aside from jumping out of a plane without a chute. If anyone should know about that it would be you! 🙂

So enemies don’t get to attack each other. They ride a bull instead. Head to head. May the best man (bull) win.

(Women would be exempted because we ain’t stupid enough to get on the back of a rank bull.) Besides, I’m all about the bulls.

R.I.P. my favorite boy – Mick E Mouse. He was A Great Bull.

Love you, Tom! Go get me a Mick E Mouse autograph! XOXO! Julia