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Dear Tom, I haven’t been around much becuz…

moving to Montana and a baby! Our first granddaughter – Dylan Rose.

Here she is~

Dylan Rose 1

Oscar, Julia and little Dylan Rose.

Dylan Rose 3

A perfect angel, for now…

She came on her due date. Her mommy had the easiest pregnancy in history- and labor. We are so grateful and so very blessed. Dylan Rose A. 7′ 11″. We all forgot to ask how long she is. 🙂

The sale of our home and the move could have gone smoother but one can’t have everything, right? Some things must go wrong. That’s life.

We love our new home in Montana. It’s beautiful. It has amazing views on all sides. The dog loves his full half acre? Three quarters of an acre? Not entire sure. But he stays outside all day long, just enjoying his view through the invisible fence. He can watch sand hill cranes and cows and eagles and deer and super cute bunnies. In Napa Jake rarely wanted to be outside without us and he was territorial about his yard. Here, his yard is just part of the vast open countryside. He seldom barks for any reason. He’s in awe! (As are we!)

Jake montana

A happy doggie!

Jake Montana 1

A smidge of his view!

So friends, it’s been a challenging yet rewarding year thus far. I’ll try to be more available. (Ha!)

XOXO! Julia

P.S. Do we miss California? Nah-uh. Not one bit.



Dear Tom, Holy frakkin’ shite has my week been insane!

So first my youngest breaks up with her fiance. Which is traumatic to say the least. But the issue is that we are leaving for France in a few days… Did I say a few days? And he was supposed to come along. So now Mom, i.e., me, is rearranging everyone’s travel because the youngest wants to head to Europe early for some rest and relaxation (and a little alone-time) in Spain. She’s never been to Spain or to Europe on her own, for that matter. But at least she speaks Spanish. She spent a year in Costa Rica. Regardless, her plans are freaking me out! My mom radar only stretches so far before it enters panic mode. I ran to T-Mobile and put us on an international phone plan today.

Oh, to make matters worse, she left her passport at the ex-fiance’s house. Why? Oh why?

All I can say is this – God Bless the amazing customer service representatives at British Airways. If not for their calm kind cool demeanor and competence, I would be a bloody raving lunatic!

The other daughter and her husband are rushing to get their winter wheat planted and the fencing finished (keeps the cows from running amok) before they leave, and my poor 6’5″ rancher son-in-law could not get extended Coach, or whatever cabin it is that offers more leg room, for the trip. I’d mention the name of the airline but that’s bad karma.

I just learned that Oscar and I must transfer from Heathrow to Gatwick in order to catch our flight from London to Bordeaux. Pain in the ass! if I’d known I would have flown to Paris and caught the train to Bordeaux. Sorry, Tom. I refuse to bother anyone for a ride. I believe we can catch a shuttle. And by the way, I plan on returning to London a year from now so get ready! London first then a hike through Cornwall.

My cousin just had an emergency triple bypass and finally admitted his wife is suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s after she crashed her car, head-on, into a family of five. Thank God everyone walked away without a scratch. Yes, her keys have been taken away.

My youngest sister and her husband are in the midst of a legal/financial nightmare related to the horrible flooding in Boulder, CO, the year before last. Really awful. They may have to give up their house because of continued problems. Guess they’ll be moving in with me… I’m not too excited about their dog. He eats poop. Jake would never eat poop.

Oscar is working his ass off. He seems to have no end of work. He leaves at 7 a.m. and doesn’t get home until 10 p.m. and then starts all over again the next day, and he works almost every Saturday. He’s so distracted he forgot we were leaving on the 3rd and scheduled himself to work. I straightened him out quick. Meanwhile Jake is stressed because he sees me piling shoes up in my study. When I pile up shoes, boots actually, he knows that means a stay at the kennel.

My son is sick with pneumonia. Started antibiotics yesterday. Fortunately he’s not coming to France. He can’t leave work and his dog for ten days. Besides… pneumonia.

If it wasn’t for bacon and tomatoes I don’t think I’d eat at all.


Then I remind myself – it’s not always about me. Right? I can only fix what I can fix. I’m praying, let my son be all right. Keep my youngest safe. Don’t let Jake lose too much weight at the kennel. Please don’t let us miss our flight out of Gatwick. Help my sister and her family and my cousins. I pray for world peace and, dear Lord, keep the bacon coming.

Oh, Tom, what would I do without you?

XOXO! Julia

Dear Tom, about those robins and that memorial plaque…

The baby robins have flown the proverbial coop. The kiddos actually waited until they were big enough to fly– all the way into the tops of my redwood trees. Well, two of them managed to fly into the tops of my redwood trees. One was still standing on the edge of the nest when we returned home from the ball game. He looked skeptical. It was a long way down! He finally made the leap of faith– all the way into the garden. So for two days, we had a garden baby robin, or as Oscar says, “There’s one in every family.” Sigh. You’ll be happy to know he is now up in the big-ass maple.

Way to go, robins! Yesterday I set out three strategically placed feeders containing birdielicicious giant meal worms – no takers so far. I’m hoping the robins and other birds discover them. Hey, if I was a bird I’d be on those gross but very crunchy little suckers like white on rice!

Your daughter, Marie, sent me a photo of your memorial plaque. She’s the best! Love it. Makes me happy and sad at the same time. I want you to know I talked to Ish. She’s doing well. You don’t have to worry. She’s tough. Takes a tough woman to live with the likes of you!

Here lies one of the greats.

Here lies one of the greats.

I hate permanence. Death is by far and away too permanent. I’ll hook up with ya in the next life. We’ll share a pint or two or three. But no parachute jumping. I draw the line at parachute jumping.

Oh hey, tomorrow or the next day I’ll post photos of my jams – apricot, wild plum, black plum (excellent black plum), nectarine and my favorite – peach. This weekend I plan to pick blackberries so get ready for some outstanding blackberry jam, and maybe a pie or two.

That’s it for today. Love you! Julia

Is this true? God.

The Future of Religion is Bleak – so says Professor Daniel C. Dennett. Read here: The WSJ

Well, I say he’s wrong, but not for the reasons you think I think he’s wrong.

Here’s what I think. I think humanity needs the numinous. In other words, I believe we are hard-wired to seek out the spiritual, a path, meaning. We are lonely existential creatures.

Now, if we don’t believe in God, in what do we believe? Because I think we do believe.

But we’ve substituted other churches and other religions for God.

The Church of the Gluten-Free.

The Church of No-Vaccines.

The Church of the Super-Foods (or to be more specific, my neighbors worship at The Church of Kale).

The Church of Veganism.

The Church of Raw Foods.

The Church of Psychics.

The Church of Astrology.

The Church of Meditation. (I do meditate but I also believe in God.)

The Church of Alternative Healers.

The Church of Herbal Supplements.

The Church of Dr. Oz.

The Church of Microaggression.

The Church of Social Media.

The Church of Neuroses.

The Church of Prescribed Pharmaceuticals.

The Church of Marijuana.

The Church of Bigfoot.

Yeah, we believe all right. I always find it curious that someone can believe in ghosts, in witches, in psychics, in faith healers, in so many intangibles and phantoms but absolutely cannot and will not believe in God.

Give me a good old-fashioned gospel choir any day.

Love this. Cry every time.