Dear Tom, “It’s like doin’ a shot, a painful shot…”

How about a deadly shot? On the video below, scroll to 1 minute 59 seconds. You’ll see what happened to me yesterday when I made homemade chili paste from chilies grown from unknown plants sold to me by an anonymous person standing on a street corner. He didn’t speak any English. His daughter told me he’d bred them himself. They had no name. When I asked how hot, he said, “Muy caliente.” The understatement of the year…


Beautiful but deadly.

This was me yesterday after taking a micro-taste of what I’d made. (I made the chili paste to give as Christmas presents. Now I must give them with a warning. Deadly~Eat at your own risk.) I’d already weaponized my kitchen so I was coughing and hiccuping and my eyes and nose were burning. Had to use my asthma inhaler last night. Even when I took a shower, the water running over my hands as I washed my hair burned my face. (That was after I’d washed my hands in milk like a million times!) I’ve eaten habaneros. Compared to these bad boys, habaneros are like an apple.

I have but one question- Why are Irish people eating chilies?


11 thoughts on “Dear Tom, “It’s like doin’ a shot, a painful shot…”

    1. juliabarrett Post author

      Jake is doing well, Greta. Back to his old insane self! I like hot, but this was death hot. Holy mother of god!


    1. juliabarrett Post author

      My kitchen made me cough for hours, Diana! Insane! It’s cold here too. Been in the low 20’s. But the Midwest is getting killed!


  1. fangswandsfairy(alt)

    At our second place Thai I ate bird tongue chilies that looked like frenched green beans once ONCE. Your experience sounds much worse – on the other hand it really cleaned out my sinus.

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