Dear Tom, tourists bug the hell outta me.

It’s like… You’re slamming on your brakes in the middle of the road because???

Or… You’re stepping off the curb in front of my moving car because???

Or… You’re swinging open your car door on this narrow busy main street because???

Tourists. Learn to drive. Learn to park. Learn how and where to cross the street safely. Put down your damn cell phone.

I try to be patient. I do. But by the fifth or sixth example of Darwin-Award-type behavior in a single trip to the grocery store I’m about fixin’ to assist you in your quest to win that award. 🙂

I promised Ray a post.

Now that I’m actually mobile and engaged in life once again I have many, I promise!

This is the merely the first!

Now… I am off to make certain I’m recording CBS Sports and the 4th night of the PBR World Championships. Ride ’em, J.B. Mauney!

10 thoughts on “Dear Tom, tourists bug the hell outta me.

  1. Diana Stevan

    I was thinking about you the other day, and wondering about your physical state, whether you’d recovered or what. So glad you are up and around. I’m trying to picture where you are when you go shopping for groceries. Is it a hugely populated town? I think of you on this ranch, kind of isolated. But beautiful with great expanses of land out your window. Too bad about the tourists not paying attention. Takes all kinds. 🙂

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      Oh, I live close to a neighborhood market but I usually walk there. I live maybe 2-4 miles from any large grocery store, Diana. I am doing better! Will post soon! I wish I had a great expanse of land outside my windows!

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  2. Marylin Warner

    Yep, you’re getting back on your feet again, Julia! 😉
    Colorado Springs–with PIkes Peak Marathon, Garden of the Gods Run, the Olympic Training Center, etc., et al–can drive us to distraction, especially those of us who live on the Westside. We’re on the line with Manitou, which last week had the “Coffin” races down the main street, and a bus of tourists were so enthralled with the costumes and competitors that they stepped out and almost caused accidents trying to take pictures.
    No extra coffins needed, though. We were lucky.

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      We just had a distracting bike race here as well, Marylin. Every weekend. Yes, tourist dollars but sure drives the locals insane.



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