Dear Tom, Adding to the Classic Oscar-isms…

My husband talks in his sleep. He’s especially prone to this when we are on vacation or camping with the kids. Sometimes I get a medical school lecture. Sometimes it’s work-related. Sometimes I get nonsense.

Sometimes he gives us a classic.

Who can forget this one?

“Watch out. I’m sailing my ship, the Oil Compactor…”

Or this oldie but goodie?

“A thousand dollars… Mwaaaaaaaaaaaah…”

Last night was pure gold–

“Ow. My shoulder-ator hurts. But nobody cares about me. (Sigh) Nobody cares…”

Freudian slip?

XOXO! Julia



13 thoughts on “Dear Tom, Adding to the Classic Oscar-isms…

  1. Diana Stevan

    The power of the mind to reveal or not. I got a chuckle from this. I love dreams but even moreso trying to figure them out. Enjoy the mystery.

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  2. Marylin Warner

    Supposedly, only the females in my family talk in our sleep. Grace is 13 next month, and when she had a sleepover with us two nights ago, for the first time we heard her have a full conversation with her coach, and it was so funny. 😉 She really took charge, but the next morning she didn’t remember any of it.
    All the females also walk in their sleep, but not as frequently as talking.

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      How funny, Marylin! Oscar too has entire conversations in his sleep and they make sense, at least for the most part. 🙂



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