Dear Tom, yesterday my oldest cousin died

of cancer.

Dear Char, you were already in college when I was born. And although I didn’t know you well, I was close with your mother, your grandmother, and your younger brother took me under his sixteen year old wings as if I were his own little baby sister.

I’m so sorry I never met your children. You married and moved to the east coast when I was quite young. You never came back to visit. I did see your mother at the moment of her death. I know you’re with her now.

Your husband posted this on your Facebook page:

“6:45 PM. I have left this dimension. I am now at peace. No more cancer. No more discomfort. I leave behind a loving husband of 44 years. Four wonderful children. 9 Magnificent grandchildren and a little girl, my namesake, to carry on for me, born in June. I have a wonderful brother. In 2001 I was fortunate to find my birth mother and 5 sisters and 3 brothers. It was a wonderful life. 

I was a good wife, mother and grandmother. I was blessed. Thank you. God bless. Good bye. See you on the other side.

Damn. I just hate it when people die.Tears me apart, me, a hospice nurse.

I didn’t know you well, but I do believe you were, indeed, blessed.

XOXO. Julia


18 thoughts on “Dear Tom, yesterday my oldest cousin died

    1. juliabarrett Post author

      Thanks, Anny. I have photos – she would stay with us when our parents were out of town. I remember her well, remember her wedding, but I was a young child and she was a young woman. We never really spoke but she was kind to me.


  1. Diana Stevan

    I hate it, too, Julia. So sorry. My thoughts immediately went to my cousins. I’ve lost four dear ones, all to cancer. My prayers for you and your cousin’s family.

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      It’s true, Marylin. I hear her children and grandchildren are wonderful people. One thing I knew about her – because she babysat me – is that she was a very loving person.


  2. Roberta

    What a beautiful remembrance, Julia.

    Char’s husband’s Facebook tribute is the most touching and beautiful I have ever read.

    What a wonderful, and yes, blessed person and life Char lived.

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      I believe she is, Alicia. And thank you. She received her diagnosis in late December. I’m convinced she decided to make it quick for the sake of her loved ones.

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