Dear Tom, the only political rant I’ll give ya- I grok Trump.

I’m not saying I’m a Trump supporter, or that I have been a Trump supporter or that I will be a Trump supporter. Neither am I sold on Sanders.

But I’ll tell you this~ I NEVER wanted a Bush back in the Whitehouse nor a Clinton, regardless of gender. Yeah, sure, the economy was great during Bill’s presidency, but the Hill is not the Bill and I ain’t feelin’ the Hill. At least Bernie isn’t a liar. What you see is what you get and like most Americans, I am sick to death of liars.

Besides, I’d have a hell-of-a-lot more respect for Hill if she’d told Bill to ‘ef off. But she didn’t because she’s a political animal and she was determined to ride his coattails all the way to that oval office.

Well screw that. I don’t vote gender any more than I vote single-issue.

Here’s the thing. Listen up all you dumb-ass political pundits and party loyalists~

The American people are angry. We are sick of business as usual. We are sick of politics and partisans. We are sick of insults and elitism. We are tired of lectures from the haves- those who have the big bucks, and from the whiny hypocrites in Hollywood. When you are flying around on your private jet or basking in the sun on your private yacht, don’t you dare lecture me on the environmental impact of my 13 year old SUV. (I’m proud as hell to drive an old vehicle. Now that’s what I call real conservation!)

We ain’t as stoopid as you think, neither are we as racist, genderist, classist, or homophobic as you accuse us of being.

Nor are most of us single-issue voters. We hold, the vast majority of us, a mix of liberal, moderate, and conservative views. We are, the vast majority of us, living in the middle of the spectrum, not at either end.

Mostly we’re just trying to get by. We are raising our children and we are hoping and praying for better times.

You know what we want? We want to take a pitchfork to our government.


I would vote for either. What I will not do is vote for an establishment politician. Get with the times, pundits. You want to know Obama’s legacy? You’re looking at them – Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Why? Because the American people are tired of being blamed for everything bad in this world. We are indeed mad as hell and we aren’t gonna take it anymore.

And this is all I’ll say on this issue. Love you, Tom. Julia

P.S. Nasty comments will be deleted.


10 thoughts on “Dear Tom, the only political rant I’ll give ya- I grok Trump.

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  2. Roberta

    When I first started to read this post I was very leery.
    But having read the entire post I have to say: BRAVO. RIGHT ON. YEA HAW!

    You summed up my thoughts perfectly. PERFECTLY.

    Well written, Julia.

    No more Clinton’s and no more Bush’s has been my mantra for two years! We need new blood in Washington is my mantra this year. And just for the hades of it…….no more Washington insiders either.

    Thank you, Julia.

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  3. Marylin Warner

    Brava, Julia! Well written. If, indeed, Hillary had done what she should have–and you listed the should haves very well–then she would at least have had a smidgen of my respect. Not my vote, though, but a smidgen of my respect. I’m still wowed that Colorado’s non-official but still important numbers were for Bernie.

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      Yep, Marylin. Not my vote but my respect. Yes, Bernie did indeed take Colorado! Impressive! People do not want business as usual- on either side of the aisle.



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