Dear Tom, Oscar says, people shouldn’t have to apologize for being successful.

Oscar is a Democrat. He’s a flaming liberal. He’s a bleeding heart liberal. He was arrested numerous times back in the ‘sixties. He burned his draft card. So he’s got street cred.

But he also works his ass off to support his family. (As do I.)

He says he is sick to death of the Democrats dumbing down the issues we face. He’s sick to death of gender, identity, and victim politics. He’s tired of the Democrats pandering to special interests– schmoozing with the fat cats while giving poor people a paternalistic pat on the head. Wink-Wink.

He says- Why would I vote for a Democrat when I see what they’ve done to this country over the past six+ years? Everyone is a victim. Nobody is responsible for himself or herself and his or her actions. Bigger government is not the answer.

My husband earns every dollar by the sweat of his brow. When I say he works his ass off I mean he works from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. six days a week. He’s proud to be a doctor. He wants to help people. The government makes it nearly impossible for him to do his job. And live a reasonable life, as in have a weekend off once in a blue moon. Ask any doctor. They’ll tell you. Nobody wants their child to follow in his or her footsteps anymore. It sucks to be a doctor these days.

But Oscar asks, why is the Democratic party, the party to which I’ve been faithful my entire adult life, telling me I should feel guilty, that I should apologize for working hard? For being a success? Telling me I didn’t earn this money?

Oh, he is so mad. I’ve been mad for years at my own party. Yes, I am still a registered Democrat but at this point I would vote for a sea slug rather than vote for a Democrat. A sea slug has more integrity.

Coming soon – Yes Bacon!

XOXO! Julia

6 thoughts on “Dear Tom, Oscar says, people shouldn’t have to apologize for being successful.

  1. Diana Stevan (@DianaStevan)

    Julia, ah, watching the Republican and Democratic debates from across the border. I’m surprised that the message you’re getting is to feel guilty if you succeed. I don’t get that impression when I watch any American news or other programs. So, I’m sorry you’re getting that message. That would ‘suck’, especially when you know how hard you’ve worked and continue to work.

    Watching the Democratic candidates, I heard Martin O’Malley on The Daily Show. I found him impressive even though he seems to be below the radar right now.

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      It’s pretty bad here, Diana. Marin O’Malley is the only Dem worth the vote, but he will never get the nomination. And American news programs? So partisan as to be nonentities. One thing I’ve learned over the past six years is – never watch the news. All partisan all the time.


  2. Roberta

    I agree with you, Julia. And I agree with Marilyn too.
    I changed from life long activist Democrat to Independent/Not Affiliated in 2008. I could see what was going to happen then and wanted no p[art of it.
    I cry nearly every day for my beloved country. And I feel impotent ’cause I do not know what to do to turn things around.
    Hope you are feeling better, Julia.

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