Dear Tom, It’s always sumpthin’.

Right now it’s one of my children but I do think things are calming down. As I told our mutual friend Jaye– if it ain’t one kid it’s another!

In the meantime I’ve really gotten into drinking Pu-Erh Tea. Love it! And while I’m drinking my Pu-Erh Tea, I’m releasing and rewriting and re-releasing books. Oh, and I got my bike fixed. Never a dull moment!

So I’m a little insane at the moment. I may be better in a few months, but I doubt it. Good thing I took that vacation!

Oh, and Oscar used the non-word mistaked in a sentence, rather, in several sentences. Even entire paragraphs. So, repeatedly. I’m sorry. When I heard the word I thought I’d had a stroke. Or he had. He sounded like Raj Kuthrapali.

XOXO! Julia

12 thoughts on “Dear Tom, It’s always sumpthin’.

  1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

    I have one of those things – children with things to work out. It isn’t fun, even when the kid is being as good as possible about it.

    And on the non-word: I understand. And have to clamp my teeth quite firmly on my tongue sometimes NOT to correct other adults. Except when appropriate and necessary, of course. I forbided it.

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