Dear Tom, Fortunately we were admitted into Heaven!

Ah yes. My French Heaven. Our host, Stephane Gabart, greeted us with hugs, kisses, wine, flowers, chocolates, waters – everything one needs in heaven.

Our suites were gorgeous. The beds huge. The pool to die for!

We were so happy in heaven! I miss it!

He took us to the fantastic market in Liborne. As they say in Hebrew~ Oooh! Waaah! Eyze yofi! Loved the market. The fruits, the flowers, the vegetables, the breads, the cheeses, the fish and seafood, the pastries (stopped at an amazing pastry shop), the meats. It really was our idea of heaven. If I’d had half a brain I’d have taken photos but I was too engrossed, too overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, smells. And in my defense, I was pretty sleep-deprived.

We toured the wine country around St. Emillion. Did some fun tasting. We even explored a limestone cave, once used for excavation and building materials, now used for wine. The caves go on forever, like a maze, and there were bats. Cute French bats, seriously cute and harmless French bats, but I once got a bat caught in my hair so I was a little freaked out when we disturbed them and they fluttered by. Still, the caves were fascinating and the wines good. The area reminded me of a greener Napa Valley. Similar climate. And their harvest was early this year, like ours.



Plus the weather was perfect. But of course the weather is perfect in heaven!

Stephane made dinner reservations for us at a nearby restaurant. We walked to the restaurant through the vineyards behind the chateau, down a wooded winding country lane, and up a hill into a medieval village. The food was local, very good, the owner was warm and hospitable (no English but no matter) and the views outstanding. The best part? The hike home in the dark, pitch dark, the Milky Way visible in all its glory. There’s so much ambient light in Northern California we never get to see the Milky Way.

Plain old fashioned low-key fun family time.

Tomorrow – The rest of us get a taste of heaven!

XOXO! Julia

P.S. My French Heaven is so heavenly. I’m missing it terribly!

12 thoughts on “Dear Tom, Fortunately we were admitted into Heaven!

    1. juliabarrett Post author

      We were sort of addicted to markets, Diana – Liborne twice, Sarlat twice, Perigeuex, La Roque Gageac. Loved the markets. 🙂


  1. Roberta

    Sounds divine and delicious Julia! Yes, you were in heaven. Brings back so many wonderful experiences and memories when I was in France. Like you loved the markets and walking at night. In the small towns you can see more stars. Remember the caves well. The one I saw was used in WWII to hide the stained glass from the town church from bombing and the Nazis. And oh the wine. The wine. The wine; the wine. Did I tell you about the great wine? Even their table wine is Magnifique!!!!!
    Glad you had some time in heaven, Julia. You deserve heaven.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. juliabarrett Post author

      Yes! They did indeed hide stuff from the Nazis in those caves! I know – the table wine is fantastic. You don’t need to buy expensive wine. Whatever house wine any restaurant offers is always exquisite!



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