Dear Tom, Here’s Hank!

My little steer.

My little steer.

He’s so sweet! Now I have to figure out how to get him from Montana to California. I don’t want anyone eating him. And I can’t put him in my backyard because he’ll destroy my fake grass. And Oscar refuses to clean up the cow manure.

What’s wrong with him???

Everyone should be willing to clean up cow manure!

Hank’s sister was grafted onto a cow who lost her calf, but Hank got to stay with his mommy, the milk cow, Dolly. Plus Hank is just plain old nice. He’s a good kisser with his big old cow tongue. (No, I don’t eat lengua.) He likes to lick lotion off my legs.

I’m sorry you never got to come to Montana with us. Maybe one of these days I’ll get Ish and your kids and grandkids out there and put ’em on a horse. That would be fun!

Love you, Julia

12 thoughts on “Dear Tom, Here’s Hank!

  1. Marylin Warner

    I’m sure Tom is smiling down on this sweet introduction to Hank, Julia. I’m already attached to Hank, and he hasn’t even kissed me yet. On my uncle’s farm, they once had a calf I named Sweetie Pie (I was only 8) who could practically lick the freckles off my face.

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      Boys are sweet, Marylin. We’re trying to figure out what to do with him so he doesn’t get ‘et up.



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