Dear Tom, Sometimes I’m drawn to stupid.

Because I needed a laugh. And watch Peter Dinklage. And snort as he tries (and fails) to master a Southern redneck accent.

And because I can’t resist a movie that makes fun of itself even as it’s making fun of itself. A stupid parody of a parody.

I swear, nobody is allowed to make fun of himself or herself or anything else these days.

God, we need to laugh more!

Adam Sandler is a genius-idiot. He plays the same character in every movie (except for Spanglish) and I can’t look away.

Pixels was way more fun than I expected. Glad I didn’t listen to the reviewers.



10 thoughts on “Dear Tom, Sometimes I’m drawn to stupid.

  1. Diana Stevan (@DianaStevan)

    Julia, the reviews have been terrible, but you know what? Robert and I went to Ishtar, remember that turkey with Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty. We sat in the theater and laughed and laughed. We were the only ones laughing. We still think it’s a very funny film that got overlooked. But like Alicia says, to each her own tastes. I like that.

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      There were only six of us in the theater, Diana. Six! I would think he’d draw a little better. Yes the reviews have been awful and I can be pretty critical, but it was actually fun!



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