The Siren’s Song of the False Narrative, or the Negation of Affirmative Action.

Rachel Dolezal and her supporters have just negated Affirmative Action.

If, as the construct goes, we are what we say we are, then anyone can be black. Anyone can use Affirmative Action to further his or her educational and career goals. A white man, attempting to get into an exclusive college that limits the number of white male students and gives preferential consideration to minority students, can say, “Hey, I’m not white, I’m black.” Or… “I’m a black woman, I just haven’t transitioned yet, or visited the tanning salon or gotten my perm.” (Damn, that Dolezol woman has a great perm!) “So let me into your college because, you see, I am what I perceive myself to be, not what society perceives me to be. I am not what my birth certificate claims I am. That is nothing more than a false, i.e., wrongly assigned cultural/societal construct.”

In other words, don’t believe your own eyes. Or science. Or fact. Believe me.

Because the truth is what I say it is.

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

If we are to believe the Rachel Dolezal is really black crowd then my husband should be considered for a head coaching job with the NBA. You see, he plays basketball with our German shepherd, who happens to be mostly black. And my husband beats him 60% of the time. Therefore my husband can apply for a head coaching position with the NBA because he can provide the following narrative:

“I’m a great basketball player. I play against a black dog and I beat him most of the time. My shooting percentage against the dog is impressive. In addition I watch basketball on television. Therefore I am eminently qualified to coach an NBA basketball team. Furthermore, in my mind I am a great basketball player. In my mind I was Player of the Year in college. In my mind I led my team to four NCAA Championships. In my mind I played on a par with Michael Jordan. Facts don’t matter. Whatever story I’ve made up in my head is the only story.” (Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…)

Back in the day, people claiming to be Napoleon were institutionalized.

Have you ever heard of the Jerusalem Syndrome? It’s a thing, I swear. Some visitors to Jerusalem fall victim to a religious delusion. They think they are the messiah or a prophet. Here you go, The Jerusalem Syndrome in all its glory: The Jerusalem Syndrome.

Here’s an analogy to the Rachel Dolezal saga:

Let’s say you need to lose weight. Let’s say there’s this woman who has promoted herself as a weight loss guru, as in she claims, all on her own, using her own unique combination of diet and exercise, to have lost three hundred pounds. Let’s say she looks terrific and she writes a terrific weight loss blog. Let’s say she’s been on Oprah. The Today Show. Good Morning America. Let’s say articles about her and her weight loss method have appeared in the New York Times. I mean, if she’s been in the New York Times…

Let’s say you become a client and you pay her thousands of dollars to help you lose weight. And then you, along with her other clients, discover she lost her weight via bariatric surgery, i.e., a lap band or a stomach stapling or a gastric bypass. In other words, her entire professional identity was built upon a lie. She lied her ass off and preyed upon your naivete and your desperate desire to lose weight to steal you blind.

Would she be discredited? Would she be sued? Maybe investigated by some governmental agency for fraud? I should hope so.

Rachel Dolezal is no different. I don’t care if she wants to be black. That’s beside the point. The point is she lied in order to further her professional goals. Her entire life was built upon a rickety scaffold of lies. And therein lies THE PROBLEM.

If we don’t have truth, we have nothing.

So there’s no question I’m adding a postscript: She’s frakking white, people! Get with the program!

17 thoughts on “The Siren’s Song of the False Narrative, or the Negation of Affirmative Action.

  1. Jaye

    Ah yes, America’s favorite new game: Play! That! Victim! Card! Who is the most downtrodden, the most oppressed, the most woebegone and delicate? There’s a bigger prize behind every door! It’s a hell of a competition, with new players and angles added every day.. “You’ve been bullied?” “Hey I’ve been a victim of a race crime!” “Oh yeah, well some guy called me a name!

    A differing viewpoint is a declaration of war. Hurting someone’s feeling causes more societal outrage than actually murdering a person. A person no longer has principles or moral standards or religious beliefs–that person is now called narrow-minded, bigoted and filled with hate.

    To be a Victim is the highest calling. After all, those who work hard, sacrifice, scrimp and struggle to achieve what they want are just “lucky.” We denigrate courage and loyalty and duty, and celebrate alcoholics, druggies and lazy loons as heroes. Hard work and innovation is for chumps.

    Once upon a time losers impersonated great people in an attempt to elevate themselves. Now we’ve got losers gaining glory in pretending to be victims.

    Where and when will this end? God only knows. Even insanity has its limits, doesn’t it? I hope so.

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  2. virginiallorca

    Aye. And so many more seem to be trying to undermine the definition of truth–whether semantically or philosophically, it is all part of “The Plan.” And, yeah. I am completely paranoid — getting worse every day.

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  3. Marylin Warner

    And what about her college admittance and scholarship? She checked the specific race box, which challenges her original answer that she never lied, never actually declared her race.
    On the news tonight, the mother of a man who did NOT receive the college scholarship because he came in second and it was given to Dolezal, wondered if her son had any recourse since he’d lost by fraud. The commentator had a lawyer present who answered that no, that would not happen because the scholarship committee would undoubtedly say they sensed Dolezal’s heartfelt connection to the cause and her choice to “walk her talk through the fire,” which in theory had not connection to skin color. Hmm. Really?
    It will be interesting to see how hot that fire gets now…or if it smolders and disappears.

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      To be honest, Marylin, I pity her. She’s dug herself such a deep hole, not by wanting to help but by lying. I think her actions have hurt many people, injured the very cause she wants to represent. Shakespearean tragedy all around.

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      1. Marylin Warner

        Al Sharpton actually applauded her! He said that the pity is ours, for not supporting her commitment. The only pity I have is for the genuine candidates who were cheated because of her, and now Sharpton and others are making it uncomfortable and politically incorrect for anyone who criticizes her.

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      2. juliabarrett Post author

        Oh, yes, Marylin, true. And for all the people she, essentially, cheated. She cheated. Her lies hurt others. She forgot the first rule: Do no harm.
        Of course, I have zero respect for Al Sharpton. He too is a cheater and a self-promoter.
        I do think, however, that she is mentally ill. Not because she wants to be Black, I know a number of people who would like to be Black (except they know they are white) but because she believes her own lies. She’s living her own imaginary life.


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