Is this true? God.

The Future of Religion is Bleak – so says Professor Daniel C. Dennett. Read here: The WSJ

Well, I say he’s wrong, but not for the reasons you think I think he’s wrong.

Here’s what I think. I think humanity needs the numinous. In other words, I believe we are hard-wired to seek out the spiritual, a path, meaning. We are lonely existential creatures.

Now, if we don’t believe in God, in what do we believe? Because I think we do believe.

But we’ve substituted other churches and other religions for God.

The Church of the Gluten-Free.

The Church of No-Vaccines.

The Church of the Super-Foods (or to be more specific, my neighbors worship at The Church of Kale).

The Church of Veganism.

The Church of Raw Foods.

The Church of Psychics.

The Church of Astrology.

The Church of Meditation. (I do meditate but I also believe in God.)

The Church of Alternative Healers.

The Church of Herbal Supplements.

The Church of Dr. Oz.

The Church of Microaggression.

The Church of Social Media.

The Church of Neuroses.

The Church of Prescribed Pharmaceuticals.

The Church of Marijuana.

The Church of Bigfoot.

Yeah, we believe all right. I always find it curious that someone can believe in ghosts, in witches, in psychics, in faith healers, in so many intangibles and phantoms but absolutely cannot and will not believe in God.

Give me a good old-fashioned gospel choir any day.

Love this. Cry every time.

12 thoughts on “Is this true? God.

    1. juliabarrett Post author

      You’re like my dad, Ray. He was an atheist for years. But he always said he believed in the power of prayer. There’s a reason for that – he had a spiritual crisis at one point and heard a voice…


      1. Ray Plasse

        I’ve always believed in some sortta creator but when I talk to my wife about it (she’s an uneasy athiest) it does sound like a very Sci Fi concept……..but then she hates Sci Fi. 🙂

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      2. juliabarrett Post author

        Well, look at it this way. Many people who do not believe in God believe in ghosts. Or extra-terrestrial. We cannot prove the existence of either. Besides, if we knew for sure about God there would be no need for God. I like the ineffable-ness of it all.


  1. anny cook

    You forgot a few…the god of money, the god of TV, celebrity, big sports, blah, blah, blah. I think most folks believe in a Higher Power, even if they don’t admit it. In a crisis, they’re certainly quick to call on him/her.

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    1. juliabarrett Post author

      Yeah, I know Anny. The Church of Celebrity. The Church of Politics. I know. But I figure those churches are old news. These are the new churches! 😉


  2. Roberta

    I believe that humans have a physical side, a mental side, and emotional side, a psychological, and a spiritual side. Each side has to be nurtured if we are to be healthy. Each side needs attention and tending to. Sometimes one side needs more attention that another. It is to our detriment to ignore one side or give one side more attention that another.

    When I am out of sorts I take some time to find out what side needs attention. Then I can take action to get myself back in balance.

    As for the spiritual side…….there are many and different ways to satisfy that need. I was raised in a Catholic home. I do not formally practice that religion any longer. Nevertheless, I often use it as my compass. Catholic theology is where I begin when I have a spiritual question. I do not often stay there……..but it is some place to start.

    Many years ago I was upset with my parents that they raised me with one religion. I felt I should have had the option to choose.

    Now that I am older I have changed my mind on that. I decided it mattered less the specific religion a person is raised in. What matters is that I have a religion or a spiritual guide.

    I decided that when a person gets out in the real world and on their own there is a cornucopia of competing ethical, spiritual, and religious ideas. It can be confusing and difficult to find the right way with so many competing philosophies.

    Therefore, it was good for me that I had an anchor (Catholic theology) by which to judge competing religions and by which I could make up my mind what was right and wrong as to how I should behave in the world.

    Sometimes I ditch Catholic theology totally. Other times I keep it. But most of the time I tweak it.

    The main spiritual philosophy I follow today is do no harm and treat others as I would myself.

    However, I love all of your churches too! I

    I would add one.The Religion of Fatty Tasty Food!


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  3. Marylin Warner

    You are amazing, articulate, wonderful, and oh-so-on-target, Julia! This is a stunning post.
    Brava! I wish my mom would leave the world of a 6-year-old farm girl and be able to clearly understand this as I read it to her. She would be so proud of you, Julia, and give you a huge huge! 🙂

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